September 21, 2013: Emily’s Birthday Party

The rain was still coming down this morning after raining all night and all day yesterday and some the day before.  So much rain.  We are definitely getting all of the water that we have been missing all summer.

I got up at six fifty and got a lot of work done this morning.  Quite productive working from my laptop.  Only Garrett was awake when I got up.  He played on his iPad all morning while I worked on the laptop.  Francesca, Madeline and Emily were all volunteering at the food bank early this morning and were gone even before I woke up.

Updated my iPad 2 to iOS 7 this morning.  Everyone has been talking about it.  I guess it is time to check it out.  Dominica did her mobile phone yesterday.  I had to plug it in to charge it, though, so I won’t actually get a chance to see it until later.

At one this afternoon we went over to the Toccos’ for Emily’s twelfth birthday party.  Just the close family today, not too many people.  It rained all day yesterday and all day today.  It was a warm but raining day in the pool.  It rained very little this evening so it was not too bad and thankfully the thunderstorms never came so everyone was able to swim all day without any problems.

It is a slumber party so all of the girls are staying over night.  We stayed until around one.  Everyone else crashed at the Toccos’ but I needed my CPAP and there were not enough places to sleep anyway so I went back to the Grices’ house alone and spent the night there.  Probably gave me a better chance to get good sleep anyway.

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