September 25, 2013: Office Day

Today ended up being my only day in the office for the week. The last two days were just too busy to go in and early tomorrow morning I am leaving for San Jose where I will be until Saturday morning.  Two days of hanging out and consulting with Pertino.  AJ is heading out as well, flying in from Syracuse.

I worked from home a little this morning and was in the office by mid morning.  Doue had said last week that lunch was on him today so at one he, Dan and I went to Mooyah to get lunch.  The weather was great today, probably ninety two outside, so we sat out on the patio and ate there.  Funny to think that ninety two is nice and cool to me now.  That is so not me.

We got back to the office and got back to work.  But it wasn’t long before we had an emergency announcement come over the loud speaker that just said that we were having an emergency and that we had to evacuate the building.  Um, okay.  So we did, everyone piled outside into the parking lots.  We didn’t have enough notice to tell anyone that we were abandoning the building so no one knew to pick up work from us.

Since it was late and we were completely useless outside I just got in the car which was right out front and ran home and worked from there.  Once again demonstrating that being in the office was pointless – no matter what the intentions are, the amount of work completed while at the office is fractional compared to what is done from home.

After I wrapped up work for the day Dominica made herself dinner (because I already ate) and we watched the last two available episodes from this current season of Hot in Cleveland, one of our favourite shows.  The next to last episode had an awesome reunion of the girls from the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore show.  I’m so glad that they managed to do that while they are all still able to do it.

Then we watched more of the second season of The New Girl.

Luciana slept much of the day.  She has been sick, possibly since Friday.  She threw up in the car on the drive down to Houston but we thought that that was because she had chocked on a fruit snack but now we are not too sure.  She was definitely under the weather by Sunday and had a fever by Monday.  She still had a slight fever today and at some point during the day she got sick on our bed but we did not discover it until this evening when she finally woke up and came out to see us.  But by then she had had twice her normally sleep and her fever had broken.  It was never a high fever but she seems much better after that.  She mostly spent the entire evening just snuggling on the couch with us, though.

Dominica was starting to feel sick today, she probably caught was Luciana had.  Liesl, so far, has escaped any signs of it.

We tried out best to get to bed on the early side.  The girls did not want to go to bed nearly as early as we did.  It took some fighting to get us into bed by eleven.  That only leaves five hours of sleep for me before tomorrow when I have to be up early for my flight to California.

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