September 3, 2013: Back to Carrollton

Today is our last morning in San Antonio for our mini vacation.  Dominica woke up early with a migraine so that shot her morning.  She was up really early.  I slept in for a little bit till around seven.  Liesl and Luciana slept until later.

I am back to work today but working from the hotel room all morning so set up the laptop and worked from the living room while Dominica laid on the couch watching HGTV trying to get her headache under control.

I went down to the lobby store and got her Ibuprofen and worked from my laptop in the living room all morning until noon when it was time to check out.  The girls slept in for a little while them played on the iPads.  We were all a little worn out this morning.

At noon we loaded up the car and drive the hour and a half up to Austin.  We went via Round Rock so that we could stop and pick up Round Rock donuts for today and for me to take to the office tomorrow morning as well.  Then we drove over to Andy and Miranda’s house which I have only been to once before (which is really hard to believe) and Dominica has never seen.

Andy just recently quit his job to pursue his dream of making video games so is home full time and Miranda is on permanent maternity stay to stay home with baby Ben who is just three months old.  This is their first time seeing Liesl since her second birthday party at our then brand new house in Carrollton and their first time ever meeting Luciana.

We stayed until four thirty when I was done working and then we drove back up to home which took about three hours.  The girls were restless and very much ready to get out of the car by the time that we were getting home.  Before going home we decided to go to Red Lobster for the final dinner of our vacation.

We went to the Red Lobster and had a nice dinner.  We discovered that we really love their fried broccoli, it is amazing.  The girls did pretty well considering how restless they had been in the car.  We were pretty quick about dinner, though, to make sure that they were not stuck there unnecessarily.

It was pretty late, and already dark, when we got home.  We were all tired.  It was pretty much right to bed for everyone.

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