September 4, 2013: Fixing the Toilet Again

Back to work and normal life after our little tiny mini-vacation.  Was not looking forward to returning to the office today, I was enjoying my around the clock family time.

I got up and worked from home for a bit this morning because I was paged out at six in the morning.  So I started my day pretty early.  Went into the office around ten having worked a four hour morning already.  I took two dozen Round Rock donuts into the office with me today.  Turns out that Minh, whom I haven’t seen in nearly nine months, was in the office yesterday for the first time at our new office but I missed her.

I ended up working through lunch but was very productive today.  I got tons done and caught up on Spiceworks which was important.  I was hundreds of posts behind after being away all weekend.  Luckily for me, things slow down considerably when I am not there which makes it easier for me, than for other people, to catch up.

I worked in the office till around five thirty then came home.  Dominica cooked dinner, one of her lean zucchini dishes that I really like.  We watched some of Are You Being Served? while we ate.

After dinner we decided to watch Disney’s The Sword in the Stone for Liesl to get her ready for Walt Disney World.  Dominica is putting her on a Disney movie marathon to make sure that she knows all of the characters and stuff before we go.  She liked it.  That was one of my favourite Disney movies when I was young.  That was one that dad used to get on real to real film back when I was about Liesl’s age.  I remember watching it a lot back then.  The wizard’s dual was one of my favourite scenes from all of the Disney archives, that one and the soccer match from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  That is one that Liesl needs to watch soon as well.

Got Luciana off to bed at a good time.  She needed it, she was very tired.  Liesl decided that she wanted to go to bed at a quarter till ten but we couldn’t let her go right away because Luciana was still awake and struggling to get to sleep.

Dominica and I worked on the toilet in our master bath again tonight.  Today the flapper broke.  If it isn’t one thing it is another with that stupid toilet.  We are tempted to replace the whole thing.  What a pain it has been.  At least we did manage to get it fixed tonight.  Not the week long ordeal that it was last time.  That was really awful.  But we have AJ coming to stay with us this week so having the toilet be broken is not an option.

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