October 7, 2013: First Day Living in Connecticut

Today is the big day.  I slept a ton yesterday.  Slept all afternoon and nearly all night.  I was up for a little while but really, it was all about sleep after the ridiculously long drive from Texas.  Dominica thought that I was crazy for just letting myself sleep all evening as she would not be able to sleep at night and would then be tired during the day but my body does a pretty good job of allowing me to catch up on sleep which is exactly what I did last night.  I am still not one hundred percent but I am pretty nearly there.

I had no problem getting to the office this morning.  The hotel is very close but today was a different office than the one that I had scoped out yesterday so I had to make sure that I was able to find it.  But it turned out to be very easy.  I timed everything really well so that I was right on time and not waiting around for way too long.

Today, all day, is an introduction class at the office.  So nothing like normal work at all.  But that also made it incredibly non-stressful.  Just time to sit and get introduced to the new company.  Nothing even job related, or even site related, for that matter.  So very disconnected in some ways.

Put in a long day today.  It was a quarter till seven when I left the office and returned to the hotel.  I went for a walk tonight checking out what was around and got a tuna salad sandwich and returned to the hotel.  Just a quiet night in the hotel for me.  That is my plan all week.  If I get a chance I may drive around a little to look at areas but as it is dark when I get out of the office that is tough.

So far things are good after the first day.  Very tired.

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