November 10, 2013: From NC to CT

We slept in this morning.  I am exhausted not just from the driving yesterday but from the past month.  It is just all wearing me out.

We checked out of the Econolodge and went across the street to the Subway in the Kenly 95 Truck Stop at a quarter after ten.  We found out on this vacation that Luciana likes and Liesl now loves getting simple cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo subs from Subway.  So we ate, fueled up the car and got on the road.

At eight we showed the girls the lights of our old apartment in Newark that they could see from the highway.   Half an hour later they got to see New York City and drive through northern Manhattan and the Bronx.  Liesl thought that that was really cool.

It was nine twenty when we pulled into the Econolodge in Norwalk, Connecticut and got out of the car.  Our drive is finally done.  It was pretty cold but we saw no ice or snow on this trip.  We were very lucky.  Everyone was ready to be done driving, especially with both girls being pretty sick.  Now the family gets to see the hotel in which I have been living for the past month.

I went out and got us some food from the Dunkin Donuts across the street once the girls were all settled in.  Then we called it a night.  I have to be in the office in the morning.  The girls will be staying at the hotel most of the day but should, if all goes well, be heading to the house in Peekskill to check it out.

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