November 9, 2013: From Florida to North Carolina

We were up and going before eight this morning.  Lots to do before we leave.  Dominica got the room packed up and the car loaded pretty early.  Then we all went to the food court and got breakfast and tried to use up all of our food credits before leaving which involved buying a lot of packaged food to take on the road with us.  It took us two hours, we have no idea how that happened, to deal with all of the logistics of ordering, eating, shopping and getting checked out.  It blew our minds how long it took to do that.

We were in the car and we were on our way north.  Liesl is very excited about going to New York.  She is very excited indeed.

Liesl is still pretty sick today, her cough is awful.  At a quarter after two we were in the middle of nowhere near Daytona and Liesl coughed so much that she gagged herself and threw up over and over in the car before we could pull over and help her.  What a mess and what a poor little girl.

We had to hunt for a pharmacy to find some honey syrup for both girls as Luciana is still coughing a lot too.

It was a quarter to five when we made the Georgia line.  And it was a quarter till midnight when we pulled into the Econolodge in North Carolina to call it a night.  We made good enough progress today that we can pretty easily make the rest of the drive tomorrow.  We will get right to bed and sleep until we feel like getting up then drive straight on to Norwalk, Connecticut.

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