November 18, 2013: Pink Eye

It is Monday morning. Feeling a bit under the weather. My eyes are bothering me more than they were before. At the office everyone decided that it really was pink eye and not just some random eye irritation and that I needed to do something about it. I guess that that probably means that I have contracted whatever it was that Dominica had a few weeks ago. Very strange that I would get it now, weeks later, rather than right after she did.

So it was a long day at the office with my eyes aching and squinting all day long. I left on the early side, around five thirty, to get home and let my eye rest a bit.

I discovered that leaving at five thirty is pointless, I only get home minutes before I would have if I had left at six. No point not working late, I guess. That sucks. But it makes the time that I will be getting home more predictable, I guess. I just never get home before seven, that is just how it is.

I am still “reading” Paul Theroux’s “Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown” and am only just over halfway through it. At this point he is still in Tanzania. Theroux is best known to most Americans as the author of the book “The Mosquito Coast” which later became a Harrison Ford film.

Got home, made a fire in the fireplace and hung out with the girls. Dominica went out and did some shopping, nothing major mostly picking up eye drops for me and returning a pair of jeans to Old Navy.

I got a bit of posting done this evening and catching up on emails. The past month, or really even two, have been devastatingly busy and I am behind on SGL, behind on email, behind on Spiceworks, behind on PMs, etc. Just so much that I need to get back up to date on. I am working much longer hours than I used to and I am commuting a long time every day which is new. And no working from home. So my free time is way, way down.

After Dominica broke the folding chair last night while we watched “Sharknado” there is really nowhere in the house to sit except for the office chair. We are now even more anxious for the couch to arrive, which it is scheduled to do so on Wednesday morning. At that point we will have a huge white couch and Ottoman. White leather. Yes, we are certainly brave parents.

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