November 17, 2013: First Sunday in Peekskill and Sharknado

Still no furniture so not a whole lot to do around the house today.  I was up at seven this morning, my internal work clock already set, apparently.  I got up and let everyone else sleep in and went down to the basement to use a real computer for the first time in a long time.  It has been over a month since I had real access to a decent computer where I could actually accomplish something.  It feels great to be on a nice desktop again, and with a massive monitor.  I love the new twenty seven inch monitor, even if the resolution is a little lower than the one I am used to.  This setup will be awesome once the second monitor is up and running, which should be next weekend at the latest because all that we need, at this point, is an additional power cord.  We just could not justify buying yet another PC power cord when we own so many and can pick up one of ours in a week.  Just making due until then.

We did a late lunch or early dinner today heading out to New City Diner for the first time since we have been back.  The New City Diner was one of our regular eateries four years ago before moving to Texas, eating there definitely makes it seem like we are back home here.

After dinner we came back home and I watched the girls for the evening and Dominica went shopping for more supplies.  The girls had a good time hanging out.  I played some Age of Empires II: The Forgotten which I bought today – the new expansion pack adds more to the game and makes things work more smoothly.  It’s a nice upgrade so far. I only played one game to test it out this evening.  Liesl and Luciana spent a lot of time on my lap watching me play.

I made two fires in the fireplace tonight.  Kept in going most of the evening.  Actually started getting caught up on SGL a little tonight.  My first chance to actually work on it was tonight with the desktop working.

Got the girls off to bed and Dominica made me watch Sharknado one of the worst movies ever made.  It isn’t funny, I guess people have been saying that it is so bad that it is entertaining, but it really isn’t.  It’s just a cheap, poorly made zombie movie with sharks with no thought or effort put into it.  Not entertaining at all.

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