November 22, 2013: Exhausted Friday Night

I went to happy hour at the office but returned to my desk and drank my wine there. I left the office at five thirty and on the way home stopped in at the liquor store in Pound Ridge, New York to see if they had some whiskey as Dominica had a hard time finding anything when she had looked in Peekskill. It’s a small town feeling place. I met Tony and David who run the place and they are whiskey guys and had a decent collection for such a tiny place. I got four bottles including Templeton Rye and Johnny Walker Platinum. It is perfect since I go right by them on my way home so it is super easy to just stop in and grab what I need. Much easier than going somewhere from the house. This literally can only take five or ten minutes since they sit by a stop sign on a little village street where the car pretty much has to come to a stop anyway. I just pull over and walk in.

Spent a little time with the girls and got them off to bed. Liesl and I talked about going to the bagel store in the morning to get breakfast for the family, just the two of us. She expressed concern that she didn’t know if she would be able to wake up in time or not. She is so adorable.

We did pretty much nothing tonight. It was a short night, even with me getting home half an hour early.  Dominica went out shopping tonight and got a ton of supplies including Liesl’s big birthday present, a Nintendo 2DS (it is basically a 3DS that is designed for younger kids – no 3D display and no hinge to break so it is sturdier and easier on young eyes.)  We got her Mario Kart 7 which she has wanted to play.  We think that she will really like it.  Dominica got all of the birthday shopping done tonight and a huge bulk of the Christmas shopping.

I was feeling really exhausted and needed to get bed myself. Dominica was not tired when I had gotten the girls to bed, but she sleeps in roughly three hours longer than I do not getting up until the girls wake up. So of course she is feeling very well rested. It is not like there is anything around the house for her to be doing anyway. It is still completely empty. So I was right off to bed after Liesl went to bed. Dominica stayed up late and fell asleep on the couch.

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