November 23, 2013: Bagel Run Day

I was up around seven. No one else was awake for hours. So I descended into the basement and worked on the computer down there for nearly three hours before Liesl woke up. She came down to tell me that she was awake. So I sent her back upstairs to find clothes and once she was dressed she and I went out on a special trip to pick up breakfast for everyone. Just a daddy and Liesl trip. She loves those.

We went to Daily Bagel in Yorktown out on 35/202. Same place that I stopped on Friday morning to try out their bagels. Liesl was pretty excited when she saw the huge bakery selection. She picked up two butterfly cookies, a pink one for herself and a yellow one for Luciana. We got black and whites for Dominica, too. I got breakfast sandwiches for Dominica and I. And I got a dozen bagels. It was a successful trip.

When we got back home Dominica had been up a little bit and Luciana was up soon thereafter. Dominica went to toast some bagels for us and we realized that we really had no way to deal with that whatsoever. So that is a high priority. We have no toaster, no microwave. She was stuck using the full oven for that. So we have decided that we are just going to get a toaster oven when we find a good deal on one. For the kind of stuff that we do a toaster oven is probably ideal. Way better use of counter space than a traditional toaster and the price difference is not very big.

I spent a lot of the day down in the basement on the computer. Dominica went out and did some shopping this evening. While she was out I made a fire and Liesl noticed that some snow was coming down. A lot of snow in fact. Big, fluffy flakes. She was very excited. She showed Luciana and the two of them spent a lot of time just watching the snow come down in the woods.

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