November 25, 2013: Week Alone

Got up on my own at six this morning, an amazing feat considering we didn’t go to bed until after midnight. I showered and was out the door before anyone else woke up. Today is the earliest that I have managed to head off to work yet. I left the house before seven thirty. I got into the car and discovered that it was nineteen degrees. This is the coldest that I can remember feeling it in years. Strange for a New Yorker. I’ve almost forgotten that the world actually gets cold. I can say it, but it is still surprising that after four years there are places that are actually cold. (Actually, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have been under a horrible freeze for days causing all kinds of problems.)

On the drive in this morning I finished reading “Dark Star Safari.” I’ve been reading that since I flew down to Dallas before SpiceWorld. It was pretty good and, sadly, for some reason has been removed from Audible since I got it. I am glad that I got it when I did as it is a pretty major work. The author’s other works are still there so I am curious as to why this one, one of the more important ones, has vanished. I found it very educational and certainly did a lot to change my views on the role of aid in the third world.

Somewhat busier day in the office. Dominica and the girls hit the road late this morning. Change of plans, though. Because of the weather they are going to Frankfort today rather than going to see my dad. They are going to stay in Frankfort probably until Sunday and then head to my dad’s for a few days. I got up to Frankfort on Wednesday evening to see them on Liesl’s birthday. If it wasn’t her birthday I would take the train up instead but the late train is already sold out and I can’t leave early enough to make the one before it and I am not waiting until Thursday morning when I am racing to make Liesl’s birthday.

I worked late tonight because there is no reason not to. This is my chance to see if the traffic improves if I work an hour later. I am sure that I will work late tomorrow too. Not working late on Wednesday though, leaving as soon as I can. I have a long way to go in the little green Spark.

I left the office at seven but declined getting dinner in the office. Maybe I will try that tomorrow night. I didn’t want to stay all night, it is still a long drive home.

After work I just went down to the basement and watched Mass Effect: Paragon Lost on Hulu Plus alone, which was incredibly sad and I do not recommend it even though I totally love the Mass Effect story, this was the tragic backstory of Commander Vega as to why he was such a mess in Mass Effect 2 so seeing what destroyed him isn’t much fun.  It was just depressing.  So that wasn’t a good choice for tonight.

It was a full length movie so between getting home around eight thirty and watching that, it was already ten thirty.  So straight off to bed for me.

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