November 26, 2013: Alone Day

I was up and out the door pretty early today.  It is easy to get moving quickly in the morning when I am the only one home.  No need to be quiet, leave lights off or whatever.   I was out the door quite early.  Traffic was light and I made it to work in good time.

Work was pretty busy for me today even though it was mostly empty.  I worked very late tonight not leaving the office until nearly seven.  No need to head home early for me.

Got home at ten after eight tonight.  Had a call with Alex for about an hour.  Then did some SGL updates and stayed up until after two in the morning working on an article for Datamation on the post Windows XP world that I need to turn in tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am off to work in the morning but off to Frankfort after work so hoping to not stay late and maybe even leave a little early.  I have to make it up tomorrow so that I can see my Liesl’s on her fifth birthday!  I cannot believe that she five now (since it is after midnight.)  She has grown up so much.

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