November 7, 2013: Late Day in EPCOT

We tried to sleep in as much as possible today. That still meant that we were awake pretty early since we went to bed at nine last night.  Luciana slept all morning, she really felt awful having the same horrible cough that Liesl did two days ago.

(I wrote yesterday’s post without looking at what I had already written for today, which I actually started, just what is above, on that actually day.  So that explains the time frame from yesterday.  We were actually in bed by nine which means we were probably out of the parks by five or six.)

Dad and I went down and got breakfast for everyone and we all ate in the hotel room.  After breakfast I walked dad down to get his bus to the airport.

We took it easy in the hotel room for a while.  Then at a quarter till three Liesl and I went to EPCOT alone leaving Dominica and Luciana to relax at the hotel.  Luciana has had quite a cough and she isn’t feeling that well.

Liesl and I did Spaceship Earth first as there was no line whatsoever.  It was as fast as we could run up the ramp and get onto the ride.  That was awesome.

Then we did The Seas again, this time so that Liesl could get to see the real aquarium part.  Once she saw what it was we were stuck there for a long time 🙂  She thought that it was great.  We had to go around and look at every single exhibit.  She explored everything there. We had a lot of fun.

I took her to Journey into Imagination again which is one of her favourite rides. Not one of mine but it’s fine.  We were able to zip right in, no waiting at all.  It really is a ride designed for Liesl’s age range so it is good for her.  Once the ride was over we spent some time playing at the Imagination Station.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to see Captain EO again.  I’ve not seen it since 1987 or maybe 1992.  I can’t remember when they replaced it.  It was the original 3D movie at WDW and by far the best that they ever made.  A massive budget and some of the biggest names ever put it together.  So good.  And they upgraded the theatre for it now with cool new effects.  Very neat.  Liesl wasn’t that into it, she had already seen it with Dominica the other day and acted a little bored.

That was all of the time that Liesl and I had together.  We were off to meet Dominica and Luciana at Disney’s Beach Club Resort where we have dinner reservations at the Cape May Cafe.  Liesl and I had to practically run through EPCOT to get there on time and I had to carry her much of the way.  It was pretty tiring.

Dinner was okay but we were not impressed with the Cape May Cafe.  Very pedestrian food, not worth the food credit. None of it was bad but it was far from what we used to expect from Disney.  Bland and boring.  Nothing that we couldn’t get at any random seafood restaurant anywhere.

After dinner it was back into EPCOT for the evening.  We tried to go see the Universe of Energy which Dominica and Liesl did the other day but it closed so early that we didn’t make it.  I am very disappointed because that is one of my favourite rides, one of the few remaining from my first visit in 1987 and one that I really wanted to do with my girls at this age.

So instead I got stuck taking Liesl on Test Track, one of the worst rides in all of Disney World.  The waiting line is insanely boring and weird.  Then you get in a fake car that looks like a Chevy Spark and they drive you slowly along a track.  People act like it is a thrill ride but even me, someone who get sick on the tea cups and is in near panic on the Barnstormer could actually fall asleep on this one.  It is so far from exciting that even if there was no line, no wait and you could just ride it anytime you want, it’s not even worth getting on.  It does nothing.  So boring.  Liesl kind of liked it, but was really disappointed that none of the “create your own car” stuff was real and thought that the experience was pretty cheesy.

Our last stop of the night was Mexico.  We rode the Gran Fiesta Tour, which Liesl had already done but Luciana had not, twice.  The girls loved it and we always enjoy it.  We spent some time then hanging out in the market too.  The girls played at the fountain and did the traditional tourist thing and had me take their pictures wearing the sombreros that are on display there.

In the lobby of the “museum” area as you enter the pavilion there was an activity center with colouring that the girls wanted to do.  So we did that just before the park closed.

We got back to the hotel at nine forty.  Off to bed shortly thereafter for us.

We are all getting pretty run down at this point.  Just one more day to go.  Tomorrow is our last day in the parks and it will be a late one as we have the Christmas party to do in the evening.

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