October 25, 2013: Back to Texas

Packed up the hotel and put everything into the Spark and headed to the office this morning.  I am now “in motion” on my way back down to Texas.  Today is Friday and my last work day before my two weeks of training and vacation.  Can’t wait to get down to Texas and see my girls.  Originally we had thought that I would not be getting a chance to see them today and would have to wait until Thursday but because Dominica has been so sick with pink eye that can’t happen so they are waiting for me at home!

Work couldn’t be over with soon enough.  I really had nothing to do today, for a variety of reasons.  Spent much of the day orchestrating getting to the flight this evening.  Since there was so little going on at the office I ended up leaving pretty early, around two thirty if I remember correctly, to get to the airport.  No reason to take any risks on traffic today.  There was nothing for me to do in the office.

A coworker, who reads SGL (yo!) drove me to the Doubletree Hotel where I caught the Red Dot shuttle to the airport.  Only $64 which is nice.  Dominica found that for me to make the day easier.  That really was the cheapest and easiest way to get to the airport, half the price of a taxi or hired car.

Got to the airport plenty early, which really was a lot of peace of mind for both Dominica and I since the last thing that we needed was missing the flight tonight.  It was a long, boring wait but whatever.  I was on vacation and heading home to my girls!

I spent a few hours at the end of the terminal Sam Adams bar and had a few beers and hung out with the passengers getting ready to head out.

The flight was fine this evening.  Got delayed on the tarmac for over an hour due to congestion but the pilots got clearance to open her up and take a shorter path and we were only fifteen minutes or so arriving at DFW.  Not bad at all.

Art and Danielle picked me up at the airport and delivered me back to the house.  Luciana was already in bed, so I didn’t get to see her other than popping in to check on her before going to bed, but Dominica had told Liesl that she could stay up until I got home.  She was so excited to see me!  I feel so much better being back home with the family.  I’ve really been struggling being away from them for so long.  Hopefully I never have to do that again.

Did not stay up too late tonight.  Liesl was in bed shortly after I got home and so were the rest of us.  Now the long adventure of travel begins!

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