October 31, 2013: Houston, Halloween and… Off to Florida

Today was an insanely busy day.  Dominica and I got up this morning in Austin at the Holiday Inn.  We packed up and checked out early in the morning.  The drive from Austin to Houston is about three hours.  That was pretty easy.  We got there in good time and pretty much immediately dealt with finding a walk in clinic that could see Luciana.  She has been horribly constipated for weeks and is getting in more and more danger.  She needs a doctor to check her out at this point.

We ended up spending hours at a clinic.  It took forever.  No idea how it could possibly take so long.  They did determine, though, that nothing was “really” wrong and the doctor was able to clean her out.  And as much as it hurt at the time, in less than thirty seconds she was feeling so much better and for weeks she would keep saying how the doctor made her better.  It was, apparently, a very positive experience for her.

From there it was back to the Grices’ and immediately getting ready for trick or treating over at the Toccos’.  Liesl is dressed up as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Luciana is dressed up as Snow White.  They were adorable and Luciana was so excited about being Snow White.  It was adorable.

The family all went out trick or treating for about an hour, maybe more.  The girls had a ton of fun.  I made it about halfway but I hurt my heel and we decided that it would be smartest if I went back to the house before I did some damage and could not walk around Walt Disney World tomorrow.  That would really suck.

After trick or treating it was a rush to get changed, get in the Acadia and hit the road.  Tons of driving to do tonight.  We are seeing how far we can make it on the road to Orlando!  It was probably ten by the time that we left.  The girls will be able to sleep.  I have to drive all night.  It is over fourteen hours of highway time from Houston to WDW.

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