December 11, 2013: And the New Couch Is Broken (A Little)

Quite cold today but no snow on the roads. No issues driving. Everything in Texas is still frozen. The reports from there are that they are still under some serious ice. We are quite glad that we got out before this all happened. Hard to believe that Texas is getting a much worse winter than we are up here in New York. But so far, we are coming up on Christmas and our winter has been incredibly mild and theirs has been horrific comparatively. We have light snow sticking to the ground, mostly in the woods. They have ice covering their buildings.

On my drive home in the dark this evening (the one thing that really drives me crazy about winters up north, even an early day has you going home in the pitch dark) I finished reading “A Year in the World” by Francis Mayes.

I got home and the family was camped out down in the basement. This is the first time that I have come home to them not being in the living room. Dominica must be getting used to having her computer now.

Liesl, Luciana and I set put the couch and spent the evening watching Doctor Who together. Dominica immediately headed out to go shopping for clothes and food and stuff. So she was gone for over three hours while the girls and I hung out. I had them off to bed before Dominica even got home.

When I was cleaning up the basement as I was taking the girls to bed I noticed that the storage arm of the couch, which both of the girls love to play with and know that they are not supposed to, was up and when I went to close it it did not close correctly. As we knew was going to happen (but not this early) they messed around with it and with it open had enough leverage to rip the top of the arm off. So it is broken. Argh. I can’t tell how bad it is, as long as it is closed it is fine for now. Going to look into seeing if we can fix it. We are not happy though. Less than three days with the couch and already they couldn’t resist messing around with it like this.

We ordered dad’s Christmas present from the girls today. Liesl decided what it would have engraved on it. Hopefully it will arrive at his house in time for Christmas.

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