December 17, 2013: Big Snow Day in Connecticut

My alarm went off at twenty till five. I showered and got on the road before five thirty. It was very cold, the weather report saying just nine degrees, but there was no snow yet so while cold it was clear. My drive in was great, perfectly clear roads and sky, almost zero traffic. I actually made it from home to the office in under an hour! A record for me in either direction.

The snow did not start to fall until I was already in Norwalk and it was only heavy enough for me to see that some snow was coming down. The snow did not start to come down with any real earnest until seven when I had already been in the office for quite some time.

During the day, though, the snow really came down.  We were really worried about getting snowed into the office.  It was a ton of snow.

I worked late to account for the snowy roads, hoping that by working till close to seven that there would have been time for the roads to have been cleared, or cleared enough that I could drive home.  Hopefully with other commuters going before me it will not be too bad.

The drive home was not good but it could have been much worse.  It took me nearly two hours to get home so it was well after eight when I arrived.  Parade Hill was, not surprisingly, pretty awful and the roads really were not plowed at all.  Much of the drive I was sliding but at such slow speeds it is only so bad.

Watched a little Doctor Who with the girls once I was home tonight.  It was a short night for us.  I plan to sleep in tomorrow and give it time for the snow to clear before going in now that the snow is already on the ground.  We are really concerned that the snow will not clear before Dominica needs to drive the girls down as they are coming for the company’s childrens’ holiday party at my office tomorrow evening.  They are really looking forward to that.

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