December 18, 2013: The Childrens’ Holiday Party

I slept in and went to work a little late today.  Yesterday was such a long day and I wanted to make sure that the roads would be clear before I drove in to the office.  I did not want to face all of that snow again.

My morning commute ended up being just fine, but I am glad that I took the time to sleep in.  Yesterday was exhausting.

Work flew by today.  I was quite busy this afternoon and racing to get things completed before Dominica and the girls arrived.  I even told them to come later than we had planned so that I could work a little bit longer.

Dominica and the girls met me at the office between four thirty and five.  It was already dark out.  I came down and joined them in the parking lot.  We have to leave my car at my office building and I am going to drive them over to the office that is hosting the party tonight because there is limited parking there and Dominica does not know how to get there.

Liesl has been excited about doing the face painting at the party for a week.  Both girls just love face painting.  So we found the face painting station first.  Luciana decided on a snow man on her forehead and Liesl requested a unicorn.  The face painters did an awesome job.  These are a completely different caliber of face painter than we are used to having.

Next up was getting balloon animals made.  Liesl got a magic wand and Luciana a snowman with a strap so that she could wear it as a bracelet.  She loves bracelets, that’s one of her things recently.

They did some crafts and had some light snacks.  They did some colouring and some sticker things.  We got a light dinner too.   There was really good food and even the girls ate.

Our last thing for the evening was making our own gourmet cupcakes.  They were enormous.  Massive cup cakes and the girls had a great time decorating them.  Liesl even used icing to write her name on hers.

Describing the evening it sounds like it was very short but we were actually there for more than two hours and actually stayed a bit after the party was done.  The girls had a wonderful time.  When we got home Liesl would later remark that this was the best evening ever.  It was well worth the three hours round trip for Dominica to have brought them down for the party.

It was after nine when we got back home.  We had to drive home separately.

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