December 2, 2013: First Day Alone

Monday of my week alone.  I figured out today that I had forgotten that I have a party at the office on Thursday evening and that I will not be home until very late, probably after midnight, so that if Dominica and the girls come home on Thursday I will not see them until I come home from work on Friday anyway – they will all be asleep before I get home and will still be asleep when I leave for work.  So it makes little sense for Dominica to come home early to our still empty house where there is nothing to do with the girls when they could stay and visit with grandpa for an extra day instead and I will see them on Friday when I get home from work the same either way.

I worked late, no need to come home early as it is just me.  When I did come home I had a call with Art, Danielle, Alex and Dominica for, I would guess, an hour and a half.  That was at nine and I barely made it home before we had the call.  That’s how late I was at the office.  The drive home takes rarely more than eighty minutes.

After the call I played a little Assassin’s Creed, maybe two hours at most, and called it a night.  A very uneventful day.

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