December 3, 2013: Stressful Day

My latest article, The End of XP: Choices for Business, headlined today on Datamation.  This is not one that I wrote all on my own but was a topic specifically commissioned for me to write.  Glad to get an article published there again, it has been a while.  I have been too busy to keep the work flowing.

Today started off well but by the end of the day it turned out to have been a really stressful day.  I worked pretty late, probably not a good idea, and on the way home stopped off in Pound Ridge and picked up a bottle of wine.  It was really not a good day.

Got home and it was probably eight.  Talked to Art on the phone for probably an hour, maybe a bit more, and then watched two episodes of Family Guy on Hulu while drinking half of the bottle of Riesling.  Went to bed at eleven.  Decided that I needed sleep if I was feeling stressed out.  Seeing the family would help, but I can’t do that.  So sleep is the best option to make myself feel better.

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