December 31, 2013: End of Year Car Problems

My last post of the old year.  This was a major year for SGL not in content but in traffic volume.  The site was always busy but nothing like it has been this year.  I am a bit better known than I have been in the past, as is the way with things typically, and the site is just getting larger and larger as the content grows at a pretty steady state making it easier and easier for people to find the site or reference something in which they have interest.  The last two days have had over 69,000 page views each day, some of the busiest days for the site ever.  This month, as a whole, did not hit the 800,000 mark quite but was very, very close at 790,000.  A very respectable number for a silly old identity blog.

I slept a lot last night, more than eight hours.  Very odd for me.  Good thing that I went to bed ridiculously early.

I stopped at the deli and got my breakfast sandwich and then in to the office.  Everything was very slow today and the office was almost empty.  People really take the holidays seriously here.  We got let out of work at one but I had some additional work to do so did not actually leave the office until two, but at least I managed to get lunch before leaving.

When I left the office the Spark had some serious problems.  Even in the parking garage the warning lights were coming on and the engine almost stalled several times.  Not good.

I made it out to CT15 but the car was barely able to move and I quickly realized that the engine was almost stalling and I was stuck in first gear.  I got to the first place that I could pull over and shut the car off for a bit.  Then I turned it on and let it warm up for a while.  After significantly warmed up, it seemed to run okay.  So I drove home without major incident.  That was a bit scary.  With Dominica out of town, I was concerned that I was about to get stuck over an hour from home.

Got home and called Dominica to let her know, as she had not seen my emails, that I needed her to come home tomorrow so that I could reliably make it to work on Thursday.  I have no need to drive again today or tomorrow so that is not a big deal if I am stranded at the house during that time.  She said that the Acadia has an engine light on too and her dad has it at the shop reading the computer output on it right now to see what the issue is.  I tried getting the Spark into a shop today but no one can see it until Thursday and the shop that is practical for us to use isn’t even answering the phones today.  So the plan is, Dominica will be home tomorrow and we will try to get it scheduled somewhere at that time.

Quiet evening for me.  Nothing special, did some work but not much.  Watched some more of the Vicar of Dibley and was off to bed before eleven.  I’m getting old now that staying up for New Year’s doesn’t even occur to me.  Read a little of “Arm of the Starfish” while in bed.

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