January 19, 2014: Ghostbusters and Night of the Rabbit

Our second day of the daddy / daughter weekend.  We slept in this morning, we were so tired last night when we turned in for the night.  Luciana was the first one up and got out of bed on her side, came around and tapped on me to wake me up then climbed into bed to snuggle with me for fifteen minutes or so and then asked me to get up and get her strawberry milk (or strawberry chocolate milk as she calls it) which is her version of Liesl’s chocolate milk.  So weird that they both love the same thing but they each like a unique flavour.

Liesl was up pretty soon, maybe half an hour later than Luciana and I.  We all needed our sleep.  Yesterday was a very long day.

No snow coming down today, bright and clear but a lot of snow left over from yesterday still.  It was really cold in the house in the morning.

I got a fire going in the fireplace nice and early to get us started for the day.  Luciana started her day by playing Liesl’s Nintendo 2DS for a while.  We all did some board games in front of the fireplace this morning.

This evening the girls and I snuggled in on the couch and watched Ghostbusters.  I have not seen it in many years and I have been wanting to start watching some classic movies with Liesl as she is now old enough to start enjoying them.  Both girls liked this one.  Liesl spent the whole moving bundled in a blanket sitting on my lap and Luciana spent it under my right arm.  Liesl followed the movie really well and did have some serious screaming to do during the scary gargoyle scenes but overall did pretty well during the movie.  This was the scariest movie that she has ever watched and right about at her limit.  Not that we want her to watch anything scary, but Ghostbusters really is not meant to be scary but funny.  They both said that they want to watch it again now, too.

Not long after that we put Luciana to bed.  We read another chapter is “Prince Caspian” and then Liesl went down to the basement and I laid in bed with Luciana snuggling until she fell asleep.  Then I came back down and Liesl and I stayed up until two in the morning until we beat Night of the Rabbit.  It was a special treat for the holiday weekend with just daddy.    This is the fifth game that Liesl and I have played through, from beginning to end, on the PC together.  Our fifth point and click adventure game.  This one was by far the best for both of us.  The graphics, music, story, dialogue – all quite superior to the others that we have played.  It was excellent.  We had a lot of fun playing through that one.  I am not sure what game is up next but I have a feeling that Liesl is wanting to play Deponia next, although we only own the first and second installments and not the third because it is brand new and there has not been a good sale on it yet.  I like to play the series one right after the other because it is easier for Liesl to keep the story straight that way.

Today has been a really great literary day for me and the girls with nearly finishing one of the greatest works of traditional literature “Prince Caspian”, watching one of the classics of 1980s cinema Ghostbusters and completing a modern video game storytelling classic Night of the Rabbit.

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