January 20, 2014: Dominica Returns

The girls and I slept in this morning, as you can imagine, with Liesl and I having been up until two in the morning.  I figured it would be good to shift their schedules a little late today because they will need to be up late tonight in order to go to the airport and get Dominica whose flight is not even scheduled to arrive until a quarter after ten and, as with flights, will likely not come until still later than that.

Dominica’s first flight had issues and they almost did not manage to leave Love Field!  Finally they took off with barely enough time for her to make her connecting flight in St. Louis.  It is a good thing that they left when they did because tomorrow is a blizzard and there will be no flights.  She has to get in tonight or she will be stuck.

Tonight I tried showing Liesl “Hannah Montana” which she has never seen before.  I knew that she would like it and I was right.  As soon as it started she was addicted.  Liesl always says that she wants to be a rock star so I knew that this would be exactly what she likes.  And she generally loves Disney Channel shows so this is perfect.

It was touch and go but eventually everything was going smoothly and Dominica was on her last flight leg and on her way to New York City.  Her flight was running just a little late so we waited until nine thirty before leaving the house to go down to Queens to get her.  The drive was fine tonight and went pretty quickly.  The girls were getting drowsy on the drive.

We had to circle the airport which is really hard to do at LaGuardia.  Finally got Dominica just before eleven and did the hour drive back home.  The girls both fell asleep on the ride up.

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