January 21, 2014: Surprise Blizzard Day

I got into the office this morning and learned that there was a major snow storm expected to hit around noon.  I had no idea before going in.  It was clear this morning so it had not occurred to me that there might be weather issues today.

We pretty quickly decided that people needed to get home before the blizzard made driving too dangerous.  So people headed home in shifts.  I was the second out and left in the early afternoon after lunch.  The drive home took a full two hours with heavy snow and icy roads but it was okay overall.  I stopped at the Kurdish Deli and got late lunch or early dinner for Dominica and I and headed on home.

The girls were very excited that after my long three day weekend that I was home so soon, it was almost like an extra vacation day.  To them it felt like a four day weekend.  It was a nice surprise.

So we spent the entire afternoon and evening just hanging out together.  A lot of watching shows and stuff in the basement.  Good family time.

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