January 4, 2014: Day with the Girls

Got up at seven thirty.  At nine thirty Dominica asked me to go get breakfast.  So I drove out to Yorktown Heights to my Kurdish Deli there and got breakfast for the family and some fresh bread.  That ended up taking about an hour.  It’s not fast to get places around here.

Dominica really liked the breakfast that I brought.  And I picked up some food for later in the day too, spanakopita and fresh bread.  Luciana wanted bread and butter over and over today, she apparently appreciates old world style fresh bread over the store bought loaves.

This evening Dominica went out shopping to get storage supplies for the house.  We really need them.  The house is just covered in the girls’ toys and stuff.  Mostly stuff from Christmas.  We have no shelves or storage here of any kind so it is a real issue.  Everything is all over the floors and we are tripping on things and losing things.  It is a huge mess.

While Dominica was out shopping today, Liesl, Luciana and I built all of Liesl’s Christmas Lego kits. They are all very small ones and very cute being homes for small forest animals. They are adorable. Both girls really enjoy them.

This evening Liesl really wanted to play more of “The Night of the Rabbit” that we started playing last night. So we played it a little bit Luciana was really into it so she climbed up on the chair with Liesl and tried to play for almost an hour. This was not particularly fun for Liesl and Luciana is just too young to understand what is going on in a game like this. Although Luciana did surprisingly well using the mouse and making her character walk around. I was impressed. She is only two and a half, I do not remember Liesl using a normal computer this well at that age. So we did not get very far in the game with Luciana controlling it most of the time.

Tonight I read another two chapters in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Liesl is doing a great job of following along and is loving the story.

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