January 5, 2014: Legos and Narnia

Dominica made one of the famous vegetarian chorizo breakfast scrambles today. That was really good.

The “big project” today for Dominica was working on assembling all of the new storage furniture down in the basement. We have a lot of new places to store the girls’ stuff. We really need it as the house is a disaster with all of the toys all over the place and we have not even moved our stuff from Texas yet! We have no idea what we will do once all of that stuff arrives here which is only about one month away at this point. This helped quite a bit. The house is not so full of toy sprawl as it was. We need a lot more shelves and cubby holes and storage units though. This is just a small start.

Dominica made dinner and while we ate we watched two episodes of the third season of Melissa & Joey which, I was surprised to find, Luciana really liked and asked to keep watching more. After we were finished watching, though, Luciana decided that she was tired and crawled up into Dominica’s lap and fell asleep there. She had been saying that she was tired and wanted to go to bed for much of the day so I guess that she was not kidding. We put her to bed very early.

Once Luciana was in bed, Liesl and I made a fire and brought out the Kindle and did story time for quite a while. Liesl said, “I love that thing that has the stories in it.” I was confused but then figured out that she meant my Kindle, which is where I have The Chronicles of Narnia downloaded. This is the first that I have read to her using something other than a normal, old-fashioned paper book.

It was very cozy reading by the fire. Liesl sat right beside me as I read for easily an hour or more. Dominica sat on the couch listening too. Liesl went and got her Lego kits that she had been putting together with me yesterday. This is just like how it was when I was Liesl’s age. My mom reading The Chronicles of Narnia and me playing with Legos.

After we put Liesl to bed I finished reading “The Arm of the Starfish” and loaded my Kindle up with the next two books in the series and started the first chapter in “Dragons in the Water.”

Before we went to bed tonight it started raining. It had gotten pretty warm today and by the time we were about to fall asleep it was pouring rain that went on for most of the night.

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