January 7, 2014: Long, Long Day

The temperature dropped more than fifty degrees last night. It was fifty four yesterday and this morning when I checked it was just one degree! It was up to three degrees when I got into the Spark to head to the office. I had to let the car run for quite a while to make sure that it was warm enough to drive. Liesl was up super early so she came down and hung out while I was getting ready for work. She prefers to get up before I leave so that she can give me a hug and a kiss before I go to work.

Even though it was incredibly cold, the roads were thankfully clear. No ice had formed even after the full day of rain yesterday and there is no snow being this cold. The skies are completely clear and there is even bright sun today, all day.

Today ended up being a crazy long day for me in the office.  I had an offsite presentation to attend this evening, that was very interesting, that went until almost seven thirty.  Then, directly from there, I was pulled into a production issue meeting and was stuck, at a more distant location than usual, until nine thirty tonight.  After leaving, even with the light late evening traffic, it was nearly eleven before I was able to get back to the house.

Dominica let the girls stay up just long enough to get to see me before going to bed.  They were all ‘jammied up and ready for bed when I got there.  We got maybe twenty minutes together for them to wind down then I took them upstairs and tucked them in, reading the first two chapters of C.S. Lewis’ “Prince Caspian”, which I like better than “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”  Liesl fell asleep almost immediately as I started the second chapter.

Once the girls were in bed it was straight to bed for me.  I literally walked right from their room to ours and right into bed.  I did not even read any of my book tonight, just laid down and was asleep pretty quickly.

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