January 6, 2014: Insanely Warm Day

It is so warm here today. Fifty four degrees today. I can’t believe it. It rained all night and it feels like a cool late spring day today. Going outside to head to work it was so warm that even standing in a pretty solid raid you did not need to be wearing a jacket! Absolutely crazy.

I am back on a strict diet today. Time to get back in shape.

Dominica said that Liesl played her 2DS most of the day. She has several new games for it that she got for Christmas. One of them, that she started playing yesterday, she actually completed today! One day, she beat an entire video game in a single day. And then she started playing through it again. Pretty impressive considering that she is under the age recommended for the game.

I had a pretty solid day of work. On the way home I finished “A Swiftly Tilting Planet” and started reading “Jefferson’s War: America’s First War on Terror 1801-1805” which covers the First Barbary War which was one of the very earliest U.S. military actions. It is one about which I know absolutely nothing so it is pretty interesting reading.

I got home and Liesl was very insistent that she get to play “The Night of the Rabbit” because we did not get a chance for her to play it yesterday. So I spent the entire evening down in the basement with her. Luciana came and went. Dominica worked with her with the Nintendo 2DS to find games that she would be able to play.

Liesl did really well on “The Night of the Rabbit” tonight. She only needed help from me from time to time. She can navigate her way around and knows where everything is so well. She does puzzles and exploration and has conversations all without me. I just sit on the couch and kind of pay attention and from time to time look up something that she might need to do. We are really excited that there is a “dewdrop” thing in this game, kind of like the gargoyles in Fable 2, where there are one or two of these tiny, almost impossible to see dewdrops on each screen that you can collect. I found one and after that Liesl has been amazingly good at finding them on her own. She is loving going around collecting them.

Tonight I read, and finised, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” for the girls. They really liked it and are looking forward to starting the next book in the series tomorrow. This is so much more fun than reading the little kids stories that we used to do. Now we get to have a story that goes from night to night and is real literature that we can discuss.

Bed early for me today. I was a little tired.

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