February 14, 2014: Valentines Day with Dominica Away

Went to bed early last night and slept in as long as I could this morning.  We’ve gotten no communication from Dominica since her last second post to Facebook after the private concert last night that said that the ship was getting underway.  She will be out of contact as long as they are at see but they should be getting into Freeport today so we should get an update from her once the ship is online in the Bahamas.  It is just a quick stopover there but then on Saturday she will be in Nassau all day and will have lots of opportunity to get us up to date on how things are going.

Today, Madeline turns fourteen!  That means that she is 14 on the 14th of ’14!

Today is also dad’s one day that he will be completely at home alone with the girls.  But he got lucky again, the weather yesterday was bad enough that my office is on a delayed start this morning so I was with him this morning two hours longer than I would normally have been.  So the day was not as long as it could have been.

The drive to work was not bad at all once the roads had cleared.  I was glad to get to wait before going in, though.

I made sure that I left work at a reasonable time today.  Wanted to get home and relieve dad before the girls drove him crazy.  He did pretty well today, though.    The girls had a lot of fun.  They all survived and now it is all over, I will be home with the girls for the next three days.

Dominica left Valentine’s Day cards for the girls (and me.)  So they opened them tonight.  They each got a Disney card with a rubber charm bracelet in it.  They thought that those were really cool.

Watched some shows down in the basement before heading to bed tonight.

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