February 2, 2014: Truck Traveling Day

The truck continues its move from Texas to New York. We were hopeful that the Ralstons would make it here tonight but the weather was not agreeable for them and they could not make the kind of progress that they had hoped. The made it through Tennessee and worked their way up Interstate 81 through the Appalachian Mountains and were able to get to Winchester, Virginia (where Dominica and I stayed once, long ago, and where Tim Stedman went to college.) They faced rough weather all day and the snow was starting to really hit hard further north so they were of the opinion that continuing on today did not make sense. Winchester left them, in good weather, about six hours short of Peekskill. But in the weather it will be much longer.

Like yesterday, we took some time to just relax today. We did some cleaning to get the house ready for the truck load to arrive but that is about it. We need all of the space ready as the box truck’s contents will completely fill our living room. We cannot stack stuff as high or as compactly in the house so that twenty linear feet of truck is going to expand into six hundred square feet of house.

Liesl is very excited for the truck to arrive. She keeps asking how long it will be until it gets here. She is going to have to wait until tomorrow night.

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