February 20, 2014: Ciana Asleep Before I Get Home

I got to not rush too much this morning.  I was on a special project all day at the office today which, like yesterday, made for a nice change of pace.  Nothing of particular interest today, but overall a decent day. A really long one, though, by the end of it.

I did not get to leave work until quite late and on the way home I had to stop off at Walmart to pick up Liesl’s chocolate milk drink as she had run out of it and that is the bulk of her food supply, still. In reality, while it seems kind of annoying, I think her fortified health drink addiction is probably awesome as it keeps her on a steady, incredibly healthy diet all of the time. Her other food can vary dramatically but as long as we stay steady on that she is getting a well rounded, vegetarian, very healthy base of nutrition.

Luciana was not listening well tonight and ended up getting sent to bed nearly an hour before I managed to get to the house which was not until after nine! Very late. We watched one episode of “The Mindy Project” with Liesl and then one more while she was getting herself ready to go to bed.

I read Liesl a chapter of “The Silver Chair” and she was off to bed.

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