February 6, 2014: Back to Work After the Snowstorm

It is Thursday. Due to the very heavy snow fall, yesterday was a “snow day” and I worked from home, my first time doing so since coming up here. It worked pretty well. Today the sun is bright and while it is still quite cold there has been no new snow and it should be fine to drive into the office.
I got outside early and worked to clear the car. This proved to be a monumental effort. I got the car started early to warm it up but the snow was six to eight inches thick encasing the car and that snow itself was encased in solid ice. I spent at least half an hour trying to get the car clear. I was in and out of the house repeatedly both warming up and getting two liters of hot water at a time to bring out and pour on the car. The snow was so thick and the ice so solid that even pouring that onto the windshield did effectively nothing to clear the car. I used just gallons and gallons of hot water and was still digging through inches of solid snow that was not budging on the car.

Having a Wednesday be our snow day was awesome. A nicely broken up week with only two days in the office on either side. A nice change of pace. The kids really enjoyed that, getting a surprise day with daddy midweek.

The drive in and back were fine today. No problems at all.

The weather was nice the rest of the day and it was clear and crisp this evening. I arrived home at eight to the two little girls waiting for me right in the doorway. They get so excited when I get home.

Tonight was a snuggling night. We all camped out on the couch and finished watching the first half of the seventh season of Doctor Who, up until the end of the episodes with the Ponds. Then it was off to bed with the girls at ten (yes, my evening lasts only two hours) and I read them a chapter in “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” We are nearly to the end of it. Only a day or two left.

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