February 7, 2014: Journey to the Center of the Earth

It is Friday! It was a busy day in the office, meetings galore. I managed to leave the office at a really good time today, though. On the drive home I finally finished reading Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” ready by Jeremy Irons via Audible. I am trying to fill in my background in classic literature of which this is one of the most famous. It is certainly well written and an impressive work although I am unable to establish a clear opinion of it. Creepy and weird but well written. There is much about it that is difficult to ascertain if it is a style of the author that is poor or the author’s excellent portrayal of the insane fictional author through whose lens the writing is skewed. Much of the result sounds, to modern ears, like a pretentious French version of Dora the Explorer with pointless lapses into French for no added value other than to point out the ability to say single words or phrases in another language. Let’s go. Vamanos.

I had a few minutes after finishing that book so started reading “Journey to the Center of the Earth” which, from a quick listen, sounds like it is going to be a good book. I have never read any Verne so am very interested to see how it is.

I stopped at the deli on the way home, which has become a custom, and got our falafel for dinner. I got home and we watched Doctor Who with the girls before reading “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and going to bed.

Our weekend will be filled with unpacking. We need to get a lot of it done as dad is coming on Tuesday to stay for the week. Dominica leaves on Thursday for her cruise to the Bahamas with Katie. A busy week for us.

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