February 8, 2014: Finishing Deponia

It is the weekend. Dominica and I did some light unpacking today, it is hard to get into the groove of getting that done. There is just so much to do and the house is so full of stuff that every time you turn around you are cornered by other boxes.

This morning Dominica had a salon appointment, her cruise is only a few days away, and then she went shopping as we were getting desperately low on groceries and supplies. So she was gone for several hours while I hung out with the girls.

We watched some Keeping Up Appearances this afternoon. Dominica had been wanting to watch that because we love the “cruise” episode where they take a Baltic cruise on the Queen Elizabeth 2. It is probably the most classic episode of that show. We watched three episodes while the little girls played quietly over on the side of the room together. They were so adorable. We are loving that Luciana is now old enough that she completely takes part in the imaginative play that Liesl has always done and the two of them play together in ways that I never played at all. They will spend hours in some game together with their toys in near silence. If you listen, however, you can hear the murmur of conversation as they act out scenes with the toys.

The girls got restless and requested that we play Deponia again tonight. Both girls enjoy it. Luciana might ask for it more often than Liesl does, in fact. So I agreed to play with them and we put in a few hours doing that. Luciana got tired, though, and had to be put to bed early on her own. Dominica was feeling tired too so she went to bed. Liesl should have gone to bed then but we determined that there was only about one hour left in the game and she really wanted to play it. So I stayed up with her and we managed to get to the end of the first title in the Deponia series.

Overall Deponia was nowhere near as good (or as long) as The Night of the Rabbit, but the girls still enjoyed it and want to play more. Liesl and I looked at some of the other games that we have ready and waiting for her and she is interested in many of them but she wants to stick with Deponia for now and we already own the second one in the series, Chaos on Deponia. So we will start that one soon, but maybe not until after dad has visited.

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