February 23, 2014: Busy Calls Sunday

I was the first one up this morning and was down in the basement for a bit before anyone else woke up. It was a short morning for me. Everyone was up fairly soon after me. I had to lock myself into the basement after not too long as I had a couple of long calls to run and that ate up two and a half hours of my day just on the calls plus a bit of prep time. Probably four hours in total. But it was a productive day, it worked out fine.

I really want to get some “green screen” pop up things for the house to use as backdrops for when doing conference calls or video chatting or whatever. Especially since one of the workstations is in our bedroom and there is no hiding it.

It was late afternoon when I got done with everything. We spent a bit of time this evening watching Tim Allen’s new show that Dominica wanted to watch called “Last Man Standing.” The first season is pretty good. We enjoyed it. It is very, very much like a remake of “Home Improvement” which was a good show in its day.

I’ve had a good week being on diet. Today Dominica decided that she wanted Italian so we ordered in from Nonna’s.

Very quiet day for us.  Just stayed home and relaxed.  Dominica wanted one last day to rest up and catch up on her sleep before I go back to work tomorrow and she is home alone with the girls again.  Still quite behind on SGL but working hard to get caught up now.  Slowly but surely.  Work has been getting a lot more busy as of late which is making it harder and harder to keep caught up.  Dominica spent the whole day relaxing as much as she could.

For me it was a day of calls.  Had my first one at ten in the morning when I gave a long bit of training on how to use Rsync.  That was more than an hour.  Then I got a little break and had another conference call an hour later that went on for a while.  That ate up a large portion of my day.

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