March 12, 2014: The New Tea Set

This morning my day started off with me working at an offsite location, always a nice change of pace.  That ate up the bulk of my morning so I was “out” until almost lunch.

Overall it was a pretty busy day and I did not managed to head home until seven.  Today the girls’ new tea set that Dominica ordered for them the other day arrived.  The girls have been playing with Liesl’s old tea set for a long time but it is just a play tea set, not a real one.  This one is actually able to be used for tea and they were so excited to get it.

When I finally got home tonight, the girls met me at the door and were so happy to get to show me their new tea set.  The whole living room floor was wet with all of the water that they had been spilling there all day.  They were really having a good time, though.

Before nine, Luciana just decided that she wanted to go to bed and at a quarter till ten Liesl decided that she wanted to.   Very strange children volunteering to go to bed early.

I had a call at ten and did that for forty five minutes.  Then straight to bed myself.  Going to bed would have gone much more quickly had I not lost my iPhone (in a pile of laundry on our bed) which resulted in me spending at least half an hour looking for it.