March 13, 2014: A Day of Tea

Got up before seven this morning, no alarm needed.  This week, the one after the change to DST, is always so hard for me to adjust to.  I pretty much lose this entire week as far as productivity goes.

We were worried that we were going to get a lot of snow last night after the blizzard that hit back home in Rochester yesterday.  We had gotten some serious snow warnings and saw a little snow come down last night but when I checked out the window this morning it was clear and the drive into the office was fine.  Cold, with temperatures in the mid teens, but no snow and very clear.  Even a little sun once I was in the office.

Dominica said that the girls got up this morning and did not even leave their room.  They are so excited about their new tea set that they woke up and started playing with it in their room right away.  They spent most of the day just playing tea in their room.

When I got home, of course, we had to have a tea party.  Liesl is absolutely loving this new game.