March 7, 2014: Diane and Arael Come to Visit

It is Friday and today was a mostly normal day at work.  Long day but not bad or anything weird.  Had to work a little bit late this evening.  Got home before Diane and Arael arrived who were driving down from the Adirondacks.  They were in Albany before I left the office so were expected soon.

I got home, my gas mileage is now at 34.9MPG, I’m not sure if I have reported that yet.  So happy with how this car is handling the daily commute. It’s not fast or flashy but it is comfortable and cost effective.  I can’t believe how cheaply I can drive it all over.

Diane and Arael arrived not too long after I got home.  Liesl and Luciana were very excited that their older cousin was here.  They always have a great time together and see each other very seldom.

We all hung out for a while.  Not too late we put our girls to bed, they will be sleeping in our bed with us this weekend.  Then we left Arael at the house to babysit and Dominica, Diane and I went down the hill to the Peekskill Brewery for the evening.

We had a good evening at the brewery.  The beer is really excellent there and they have a huge selection.  Dominica loved it.  She has not been there in about five years.  We took Liesl there once for dinner when she was a few months old.  We even got a growler before we left.  That’s our new way to get beer.  So much better than getting a six pack.

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