April 13, 2014: Super Cleaning Day

Dominica was up at eight and already cleaning the house when I got up this morning.  Danielle and her mother are coming by this afternoon on their way through to Connecticut and the house is a disaster so there is much work to be done before they arrive.

We cleaned all morning.  Dominica from eight on and me from more like nine on until they arrived around one thirty in the afternoon.  We made amazing progress.  The living room was revitalized today.  After really pushing hard to get as many boxes emptied out as possible.  We really got the living room cleared out and the carpet cleared.

The house is looking great.  We feel much better than we did before.  The living room looks like we can actually live here now.  Still a ton of work to be done in the basement.

Danielle and her mom did not hang around for very long.  No more than two hours.  They had to get on to Connecticut.

This afternoon Dominica and I worked on our taxes quite a bit.  So much paperwork needed for that, it is awful.  We think that we have everything that we need now, though.  We still have not received our refund from 2012.  We are anxiously awaiting that to come through.

This evening I got the treadmill finally set up in the dining room area.  It is at an angle so that we can use it and still watching the television while doing so.  It is a pretty good setup.  We hope to be able to get it down to the basement sometime soon but that is going to be a lot of work and we are not sure that we can do it alone.  Maybe if I had a dolly I could manage it.

We watched Frasier more tonight, we really like that show, so much more than Cheers from which it was spun off.    And I did my first workout on the treadmill in over six months!  I am hopeful that we will get real use out of it now.  I just did twenty minutes but it is a start.

Luciana went upstairs early as is her new pattern and Liesl stayed downstairs and snuggled on the couch for much of the evening.

We had quite a screaming fit while Liesl was in her bathroom this evening.  There was a beetle on the closet door and she just about lost it.  She has, sadly, inherited both Dominica and my fear of insects.  It is going to be rough for her.

I got my old Google Nexus Android device up and running again tonight.  Danielle dropped it off for me today.  I’ve not had it in probably eight or nine months, I would guess.  It has been repairs and is now back in its awesome orange case and is useful again, it would seem.  I think that the girls will be happy to have access to it again and I will have some fun playing around with it when time allows.

It was on the late side when Dominica and I got off to bed.  We were tempted to stay up late, quite literally, because we were enjoying the nearly cleaned house so much.  So much more space and it just feels so much better.  Having the house be such a mess for so long has really been wearing us down.  There is still the basement to tackle, but that is without our grasp now that the main floor is not so horrible.

It was on the late side when we all went off to bed.  Luciana was still awake after midnight when Liesl went in to join her.