April 14, 2014: Worked All Day

Got up this morning and poked my head in to check in on the girls and found Liesl sleeping at the top of the bed and Luciana sleeping down at the foot of the bed.  They are so weird about how they sleep.  But so adorable.

I had to go down to the basement and do some extra tax preparation work this morning before I could jet out of the door.  When I did leave it was bright, sunny and sixty four degrees!  It is really spring now.  What a gorgeous day.  The whole weekend was amazing too.  It’s almost enough to make you forget the horrific winter that we just went through.  Almost.

Had a very nice drive into the office.  I am still reading the incredible sad book “A Ring of Endless Light” that I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow morning.  I am near the end.  I read it as a child but forgot just how depressing it is.

Quiet day at the office.  Nice sunlight all day and no meetings. I ended up working quite late, not leaving the office until about eight.

I ended up working all evening from home, working until nearly one in the morning.  It was a very long day but I got a ton of work done that