April 16, 2014: Snow Again?

Woke up at a good time this morning and worked from the house for a little bit this morning before heading into the office.  I was pretty shocked when I realized that it had snowed last night.  Real snow too, not just a little flurry.  We could hear the snow and ice hitting the windows and when I looked out the world was all white.  It was thirty degrees and there was at least an inch of snow all over.  I had to let the car run for a while to melt the snow off of the windscreen so that I could drive in.

At least going in a little later meant that the traffic was a little better.

Today was another extremely busy day.  I was exhausted after a long day in the office.  I didn’t get to head for home until about seven thirty and then, of course I hit construction traffic and I sat barely moving for more than twenty minutes.

It was nearly nine when I got home.  Dominica and the girls had had a long, hard day.  Liesl was relegated to her room before I had gotten home.  We pretty much put the girls straight to bed as soon as I was home.

We put on some Frasier and hung out in the living room.  I am looking forward to the three day weekend.  This week has really worn me out.