April 15, 2014: Found a New Travel Show

This morning I worked from home for a while.  I had more work to do from what I had been doing last night so stayed home for a little while to get done what I needed to complete.

Dominica got up and made me scrambled eggs this morning which was really nice.  Liesl was up early enough to see me a bit before I left the house.  Ciana did not wake up until after I had left but was not completely gone yet.  Dominica ran outside carrying Ciana and met me as I drove past the house so that I could lean out and give her a kiss before I left.

It was nearly lunch time when I got into the office.

Work was very busy today.  But I didn’t stay late today.

On the way home I finished reading “A Ring of Endless Light” and started reading “Troubling a Star”.  This book is the last book, the fifth one, in the Austins series.  This is the last major work written by Madeleine L’Engle and the only one written in the nineties.  It is one of her two works that were written after I had finished reading her works in elementary school.  Her last work that  I had read back then was “Many Waters”.  This one was written in 1994 when I was just graduating from high school.  It is interesting seeing the characters trying to be the same through the decades even though only about three years had passed in the story while the world around them flashed forward many years between each book.  I’m only just started but it is sounding like one of the better books of the cycle.

I got home at a decent time, just a little after seven.  Tonight we tried watching “Long Way Round”, Ewan McGregor’s 20,000 mile road trip on motorcycle with his mate from London to New York.  It is pretty interesting.