April 26, 2014: The Girls Go Biking

Ah, the weekend. Dominica was not feeling well today, very tired. So she was under the weather all day long.

I worked down in the basement a big today at the desktop down there. I did a bit of work with Loggly learning how to use that and getting different systems reporting into it. That is a pretty cool service but sadly it does not support RHEL 5 well which is a big pain. But overall I am liking Loggly a lot and it is going to take a bit of a load off of my plate. I am very glad that I stumbled across it.

We decided that we needed to suck up and face reality that we are not doing anything extravagant with our dining room space anytime soon and it is better to make good use of the resources that we have rather than hoping for things to magically improve someday. So in the spirit of embracing that, we set up the remaining office desk that we have in the dining room space and set it up in the corner with Liesl’s Acer Chromebook so that she can use it as her own workspace. Liesl thought that this was very cool. She is excited to have access to her Chromebook back for one thing. She used to use that all of the time when we were in Texas and she had her own desk in my office space. She used to use the Chromebook to watch Netflix sometimes and to do her ABC Mouse stuff quite often. She has not had a computer of her own for a long time. So this is very nice. And Luciana is about old enough to start using the laptop too. Time to learn how the mouse works and start putting that coordination together. And it looks much better than the pile of boxes that was there before. It’s far from perfect but it is an improvement.

What we are really looking forward to is getting the treadmill moved down to the basement. That is going to make the biggest difference. Having that in the dining room space is just awful. It takes up way too much space and make it impossible to move around at all. We are really feeling the lack of space after moving from Texas where the layout was so much more open. And not having a garage doesn’t help either. And not having a third bedroom. We are really missing the house in Texas.

The girls went out and rode their bikes around yesterday outside and today they talked me into going out with them for probably close to an hour. I took a few videos and got them uploaded to YouTube for people to see. Liesl decided that she wanted to try out Luciana’s new Big Wheel plastic bike and Luciana wanted to use Liesl’s scooter (the kind that you stand on.) Luciana is just too short to use the Big Wheel. Her feet do not make it to the peddles. She is only just three years old as of yesterday and the bike is for ages three to six so she is in the first day of being “old enough” for it and she is a little peanut in general so she is just too small to really use it. We had a lot of fun though. They were so cute and Liesl really loved the Big Wheel. She is the perfect size for it and can really make it go.

Mostly today was a relaxing day. We did not do too much.