April 25, 2014: Rough Day

Rough day today.  The day started off good.  Got into the office and only got a little turned around taking the new route.  Overall it went well.  We’ve been catching up a bit after a very busy two weeks and I am really looking forward to the weekend.

By around eleven this morning the office was feeling a little odd and just before noon I learned that one of our coworkers, who sits very near me and I see many times a day, one of the relatively few that I actually know and have even spoken to outside of work, and one of only a couple that Dominica actually has met and even met his wife and has spent time with them – was killed in an automobile accident last night leaving behind his wife and two kids, one of which is between Liesl and Luciana’s ages.  So the day was a very somber one.

I was able to come home slightly early today.  I left around five and was home shortly after six.  At least I had time to spend with the family this evening.  We are fine, it was not someone that I was very close to and I have not been working there that long, but it still hits home.