April 6, 2014: More Rug Doctor

We really slept in this morning.  Liesl came in and snuggled for a while but finally made me get up to get her her morning chocolate milk.  Dominica slept in a little while longer with Liesl in bed watching her iPad.  Luciana slept in for another hour or so.

Pretty much first thing I set about running the Rug Doctor again for another several runs through the living room.  The floor was almost completely dry from yesterday since we were able to have the windows open.  So I did a ton of more carpet cleaning today.  It is really doing a lot of repair the carpet.

This afternoon we set about going through lots and lots of boxes that have been sitting since we moved into the house.  There is so much stuff to be gone through still.  Danielle is coming by in a week and we have to have stuff ready for her to take as well as she is taking a bit of stuff back up north with her.  We don’t want to miss our chance for things to ship out.

The house is looking much better.  There is more space to move around.

The girls played outside for quite a while.  The day was gorgeous.  Warm and bright sun.

Tonight we watched the remaining episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”, we are now all caught up and ready to watch the final season when it finally makes it to Netflix. Such a great show.