March 18, 2014: Tequila Night

Normal work day. Tonight we had a large team outing after work. So I got to leave just a little bit early and we all went up to Wilton to go to a tequila bar there. It was, I think, a good turn out. I had some serrano pepper margaritas which were surprisingly good. Spicy and tasty. I have long liked the flavor of a Serrano pepper, it is much hotter but the flavor is way better than jalapeno. There was some good food too, really good guacamole, calamari, octopus and cheese.

It was nearly nine when I left Wilton and I tested the route home via CT 33 and NY 35 which is the route that I almost took my very first day going to the office nearly six months ago but ended up taking route 123 instead. This was a good route home and a really good option for when I am working in Wilton. I will get to test it out going the other direction next week, I suspect.

So it was late by the time that I got home but the girls were still awake and I got to hang out with them for a while before we put them to bed. It was a really nice evening, actually. Had a very good time with the crew from work and a nice couple hours with the family before going to bed.

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