March 20, 2014: Oil Change

I took the Acadia to the office today. First time that it has moved in a while. We drive it only very occasionally. The Spark is rapidly catching up with it in mileage. Really rapidly.

Overall good day at work today. Very productive and full of good forward movement. I feel like today was a progress towards a slightly lower stress rate.

I left work a little early today, at five thirty, so that I could take the Acadia to get an oil change done. That actually ended up being really easy to deal with doing it on the drive home. As long as I leave just a little bit early I can just stop off on the drive home and there was no wait at all doing it at that time even though I was stopping off, just off of I287, during rush hour. Very handy. We have been needing to get that oil change for a really long time now so I felt very good being able to get that done today. One of those things that has been on my plate for a month. Luckily we never travel so it didn’t matter very much. But we hope to drive up to Utica this weekend so we need the car to be in good shape for the drive.

I got home at a decent time and the drive north along the Hudson was gorgeous and I just felt like going out. So Dominica got the girls ready and I got to the house and loaded up the car with the family and we drove down to the river to go to the Westchester Diner for dinner. Dominica had not really wanted to go out for dinner tonight but the girls both said that they wanted to go get dinner with daddy so she was outvoted.

Liesl, out of nowhere, decided that she wanted shrimp for dinner and since they do not have shrimp on the kids’ menu I got the fisherman’s platter so that she and I could split the meal. This resulted in her getting to try clams too and, surprisingly, she was totally receptive to trying them and declared that she really like them. It has been a while since Liesl has tried anything new. She found them very hard to chew but she liked them. I found that the fisherman’s platter there was amazingly good and one of the best fisherman’s platters that I can ever remember having, anywhere.

Luciana got mac and cheese and Dominica got a veggie burger.

After dinner we just came home and watched a couple episodes of Cheers which, believe it or not, I have mostly never seen. I saw it from time to time when I was young (the show came on in 1982 when I was only six, just barely older than Liesl) but it never caught my interest enough for me to actually sit down and really watch it and I do not remember my parents being much of a fan so I think we only ever saw it when nothing else was on and never made a point of watching it. It is a decent show, I like it. But it isn’t good enough to rivet me to the television.

Got the girls off to bed at a moderate time and read another chapter of “A Horse and His Boy” and Dominica and I even managed to get off to bed ourselves around eleven which was really needed as I have been getting more and more tired recently.

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