March 31, 2014: Is It Spring Yet?

Monday and back to work.  This is the first week where we are expecting a nice week for the entire week.  This is spring for sure.  Or at least it seems like it might be.  The drive this morning, though, was a little cold and while it never got below freezing there was one moment on my drive when a bunch of ice fell onto the car.  It was only for a second, but it happened.  Very odd.

At the office people reported traffic from farther south being awful and that there was bad weather in the city.  People were taking an extra hour to get into the office.   But the weather was nice by later in the day.

I’m continuing my project of standing in the living room instead of sitting on the couch.  It makes it so that the girls can’t climb all over me while I have the laptop and it keeps me from just melting in the couch and not doing anything all night.  It also keeps me from being in the bad posture of sitting down all day long.