May 1, 2014: Weather Transformation

Got up at six thirty. Went down to the basement and worked for a while then up and on the treadmill. Got a decent workout and then headed into the office.  Day three.  Maybe this will be a trend.

The drive in was horrible this morning. Lots of rain, heavy fog and flooding in central Westchester. It made the drive take forever. Such a pain. The last thing I need is more reasons for slow and heavy traffic on the way to work. The drive is really wearing on me. I spend so much time in that car every day. Thank goodness for Audible and podcasts or I would be going out of my mind.

In the late afternoon the rain cleared and it actually because an incredible warm, nearly eighty degree, and sunny day.  Who would have guessed from the morning’s weather.  An amazing transformation.

Another quiet evening, we did not do too much tonight.  Get off to bed relatively early.